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Fathima Hospital has begun the new era of Modern High tech hospitals to bring the latest advances in Medical care to reach the common man. Helping people live a better life thereby ensuring that quality health care will be there for tomorrow

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Our institution bears testimony to a longstanding tradition of excellence in service and our staff are committed to providing the best possible care and comfort to patients during their stay in the hospital

Towards Better Life

Our hospital provides a wide array of acute services, including general medical and surgical services as well as more complex services such as cardiology and neurosurgery

Get in to life

At the forefront of hospital advances in treatment and technology, we provide rapid diagnostics for patients admitted as emergencies to direct them to clinical areas most appropriate for their condition

A full spectrum of quality, cost-efficient health care

Good health is an opportunity, the chance to do more, to live more, to get the most out of life... To us, these are the things that matter most.

Fathima Hospital, situated in the Historical Coastal City of Calicut provides a full range of health services, meeting primary care needs and managing the most challenging and complex medical conditions it has marked the beginning of a new era of Modern Hi-Tech Hospitals in the Malabar Region, exclusively set up to bring the latest advances in Medical Care within the reach of every individual.

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