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Top Hospital in Calicut

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Top Hospital in Calicut
Good health is an opportunity, the chance to do more, to live more, to get the most out of life… To us, these are the things that matter most. Best Hospital In Calicut 

Fathima Hospital, situated in the Historical Coastal City of Calicut provides a full range of health services. And has become the best Hospital In Calicut. Meeting primary care needs and managing the most challenging and complex medical conditions. It has marked the beginning of a new era of Modern Hi-Tech Hospitals in the Malabar Region. Exclusively set up to bring the latest advances in Medical Care within the reach of every individual.

Founded by Abdulla Mohammed, the hospital has maintained an unwavering focus on delivering the highest quality healthcare, resulting in numerous advancements across all healthcare sectors and significant positive impacts on hundreds, if not thousands, of lives. Our hospital provides a comprehensive array of acute services. Including general medical and surgical services as well as more complex services such as cardiology and neurosurgery, etc. We aspire to the highest quality patient care through the team effort of our dedicated and friendly staff.

Fathima Hospital The Best Hospital in Calicut
The Best Hospital In Calicut

Best Hospital In Calicut

Nationally and internationally renowned, Fathima Hospital’s medical and surgical specialists are a respected resource for new developments in medicine. Innovative diagnostic and treatment procedures, and technological advances. From primary care to cardiac care, ophthalmology, orthopedics, imaging, cardio-thoracic surgery, neurology, neuro-surgery, urology, gastroenterology, critical care, traumatology, and management of high-risk pregnancies, Fathima Hospital’s healthcare team offers every patient the most compassionate and highly skilled care.

Fathima Hospital, designed with 150 beds and a dedication to serving patients from diverse economic backgrounds, features a range of modern comforts including deluxe, semi-deluxe, private rooms, and general rooms, all complemented by beautiful granite and natural marble finishes that embellish the hospital interiors. The clean, neat, and calm surroundings give the patient greater comfort and a relaxed homely feeling.

The Hospital introduced the first and most advanced diagnostic imaging equipment on the Malabar coast. Four well-equipped major Operation Theatres with state-of-the-art equipment source the surgical services in Fathima Hospital. These and our other features make us the best hospital in Calicut 

Quality patient care and dedication to patient satisfaction are the cornerstones of Fathima Hospital. We measure our quality through high patient satisfaction scores, continuous engagement in clinical performance activities, consistent delivery of excellent medical outcomes, and a commitment to ongoing research and academic programs.

Our Mission

We work as a team to provide efficient healthcare to bring value to our patients and maintain a happy working environment with respect and mutual trust.

Our Vision

The pursuit of professional excellence and conscientious stewardship has given Fathima Hospital leadership status in the private healthcare industry.

Message From The Managing Director

The world of medicine has advanced a lot with the aid of computers. And this is evident everywhere in the medical field. Needless to say that in our country too, the change is apparent. Fathima Hospital stands in the heart of the city of Calicut, keeping its head high. Has taken the challenge of reaching the recent achievements in the field to the layman in south India. With the arrival of Fathima Hospital in the city. The dream of a high-tech super-specialty hospital with five-star facilities. Once considered out of reach for the less fortunate, has now become a reality. In a world increasingly influenced by business perspectives. We wholeheartedly assure you of our steadfast dedication to prioritizing your medical care. Ensuring swift diagnosis, and effective treatment for your illness. 

 The hospital Fathima has no doubt acquired a unique position in this short period with its way of approach. Consoling care, and loving consideration. Observing the faces of those who come through our doors, you will witness the fulfillment of Malabar’s cherished aspirations. testament to the hospital’s well-established reputation. This accomplishment rests upon a team of exceptionally talented, experienced, and devoted doctors, each adhering to the principles of medical ethics in their respective fields. We clearly demonstrate our unwavering commitment through our exclusive access to cutting-edge Western-imported equipment, which perfectly complements this dedication. It remains crucial to maintain our unwavering focus on the ultimate destination.

Best Hospital in Calicut
Managing Director

Abdulla Mohammed


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